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Portrait I

Students will learn to make a portrait quilt wall hanging appx. 11 x 17 using one of the patterns provided by the instructor. However students will be given all information necessary to make a portrait from a photo.  Students will learn how to use ultra-fine sharpie, colored pencils, white out and other products to enhance the features of their subject.  This is a class geared to make easy beautiful portraits without the fuss.  Students will leave with a completed portrait.  No sewing machine required.  Kit includes all the fabric, pattern, and fusible needed to complete the portrait.


Portrait Collage

Students will be making a beautiful portrait collage quilt appx. 11 x 17 using Lola’s raw edge applique techniques.  Students will be given all the information on how to turn a photo into a simple line drawing using a software editing program.  Students will then learn to turn the line drawing into a beautiful portrait collage quilt.  In order to accomplish this goal, students will learn how to choose the right photo, select fabrics, understand the important of value, use the applique pressing sheet and learn the important of choosing the right fusible product for the job.  A variety of other products will be discussed and demonstrated that can be used to enhance their portrait.  In both the one-day and two-day class students will use the instructor’s pattern to complete the portrait collage wall hanging.  In the one-day class students will not need a sewing machine but will be given the information on various sewing techniques that can be used to finish the project. In the two-day class students will have time to do hands on sewing of their project utilizing a variety of applique and finishing techniques that will be covered.   This will be a workshop dealing with a specific quilt making technique which can be followed like a recipe. Not only is this workshop fun but it also provides the student with instant gratification.  Optional kit available:  Kit includes all fabric to make the portrait, pattern, fusible and instructors’ notes.  This class can be full-day, two-day, or three-day class.  In the three day class students are able to bring their own portrait to make in class.  


Thread Art

When you mix quilting with art you get Thread Art.  This is a great class for those who what to explore an innovative way to make beautiful art quilts but have little or no experience with quilting.  The techniques the students will learn can be used to produce an art quilt of anything (person, place, or thing). Students will learn how to design and stitch out a whole cloth art quilt using thread and colored pencils as the medium.  Creating their own landscape, portrait, or steal-life art quilt seems intimidating to most.  Lola has taken the fear out of the process using her seven step approach.  The techniques learned can be easily transferred to make a purse, or sweatshirt.  Students will leave with a completed 11 x 17 thread art quilt. Optional Kit is available.  Kit includes all the fabric, batting, pre-wound bobbin for most machines, instructor’s notes and a 90/14 topstitch needle. 



Workshop Currently Available

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