During a prolonged illness, the death of both of my parents, then the death of my spouse, my memories begin to disappear.  The longer I lived in my new state of Oklahoma were I took abode to escape some of my realities, I begin to feel like a foreigner trying to match and understand the different pieces of an unknown space.  In my mind, home begins slowly transforming into unfamiliar images.


Feeling undefined with nowhere to turn; I became a decoder device trying to make sense of two dispersed worlds that never seemed to come together.  The new life and living conditions and the old life, both made me feel incomplete and both struggled inside me. From the old one remains the attachment to reality, something that I have not forgotten from my mistakes and adventures as a daughter, wife, mother and friend.  From the new one, I adopted an interest for more godliness and less selfishness.


My work demonstrates this constant evolution of evaluating myself and watching people from afar then transforming this information using, photos, collages, and illustrations.  The opposition of the real and unreal images, collision of realities and simulations, memory and hyper-reality are the main themes that define my voice as an artist.


Reality is not simple and sometimes is not even real when home seems to be fragmented images of pass, present and future events and life is a foreign country.  My own memories look like borrowed dreams from other people.  The line is blurred.  Using fabric as paint helps me to understand and express my feelings and opens my heart to love the growth given by difficult past and present relationships, but most importantly, helps to make me feel whole.


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